Parlour Car ~ July 31st, 2014



Hey there larrikins and larrikettes, why so glum? Summer slipping away from you? The God Helios failing to make good on his promise of sunbaked beach days next to a boiling lake of meat effluent? Well quit your bawling,  you’re diluting the barbecue sauce, and redirect your energies to a form of entertainment that’s more reliable than the capricious whims of some astral despot. Which is to say this Thursday it’s Parlour Car and as always we’re going to have a stellar line up of rambunctious yuksters from both near and far to warm your soul the way Chicago’s July has steadfastly refused to do. 

  • Jeff Steinbrunner (Comedians You Should KNow)
  • Zach Peterson (Comedy Expo)
  • Mat Alano-Martin (Limestone Comedy Festival)
  • Natalie Jose (Laugh Factory, Weepin’ Willows)
  • Katie McVay (Yell You Better)
  • Adam Burke (The Steerage Section of the Titanic)
  • Danny Kallas (The Comedian You Should Know the Most)

Plus our usual selection of surprise guests, diamond pals, and a never-ending onslaught of the choicest sazeracs and sasparillas to slake the thirst of the booziest Bozos around. It’s 9PM, it’s free, and it’s our pleasure. 

Parlour Car ~ July 24th, 2014


What’s that?  We’re super late with the website update?  That’s weird.  Anyway, since we are so late again, let’s just cut the shite and get right into this stellar lineup for this week.  Oh, did we mention Chicago Magazine just named us the best standup showcase in Chicago?  We did?  Just last week?  Ok, well, we’ll probably do that a few more times.  Peep this week’s lineup:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Comedy Exposition)
Jeff Scheen (This Week’s Show)
Lara Beitz (Hoo Ha Comedy)
Sherman Edwards (Second City)
Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Candy Lawrence (Chicago Underground Comedy; Show Pony!)
CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central; Chicago Underground Comedy)
Sean Patton (Comedy Central; Conan; Maron; Best Bars in America)

Yep.  Super rad-dog lineup, just like always.  Snapchat your best friends and let’s get all of our best friends in one room together.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  Seven-thousand best friends.

Parlour Car ~ July 17th, 2014


You guys.  Whoa.  Let us start by saying that we are incredibly honored to be named by Chicago Magazine as the Best Standup Showcase in Chicago.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Chicago Magazine, Jason Heidemann, all the comedians who have come through, and our super rad audience that continues to make this a place where people love to perform.  You guys are all the super-awesome-best-raddest dudes and lady dudes in the world.  How about we keep this going and have yet another sweet, sweet show tonight?  Yeah?  Deal.  Peep this lineup of almost exclusively out-of-town pals:

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries; JFL Chi)
Brendan McGowan (In from LA; former Chicago Underground member)
Mo Welch (In from LA; The Mo Show; Larry Bird)
Brock Wilbur (In from LA; Crime Travel)
Brandie Posey (In from LA; Lady to Lady Pod; Picture This!)
Brian Parise (In from NYC; JFL Montreal)
Secret special guest. (In from LA)

Come pretend that you’re in Los Angeles for the night (and New York for 12 minutes or so) by getting at this show in a big way.  It’ll be fun.  Like always.  Free.  9pm.  All of the best friend groups in Chicago.

Parlour Car ~ July 10th, 2014


Ok friends, let’s make one thing perfectly clear right up front:  this week’s show is going to knock the goddamn pants off your stupid legs.  Furthermore, this whole weekend is going to be amazing for comedy in Chicago, as the inaugural Comedy Exposition is taking place Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It features some of the best up-and-coming comedians in the country, alongside some seriously big names.  Look it up, educate yourself, we can’t do your homework for you.  What we CAN do, is put together a major fun-times “marathon style” lineup of some of the comedians who are getting in town a day early.  We won’t spoil any surprises, but just know that all the comics on this show are fantastic, they’re good pals, and they’re way fun.  And there’s gonna be like, 10-15 of them.  Whoa.

Show starts at 9pm.  It’s free.  It’s at Bar DeVille.  It’s a super time.  It shall have all the best friends ever in the world.  Call yours and let’s party.


You read that right, friends.  There shan’t be a show this week.  Get drunk.  Hug your pals.  Light shit on fire.  Repeat.  We’ll be back with a vengeance next week.  See youse then.



Seriously though.  No show this week.


Parlour Car ~ June 26th, 2014


Sweet pals, hello.  No time for pleasantries here.  The show this week is gonna be mega awesome.  So many out of town guests.  So many fun buddies.  We tried to make the lineup shorter, but we simply could not.  What does that mean for you?  Well it depends on who’s reading this, but unless you’re some kind of toilet-hearted monster, it’s super good news because this show is going to be the best.  Peep this lineup, send up the best friends signal, assemble, get at this show:

Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries)
Ahmed Bharoocha (In from LA; Comedy Central; JFL Montreal)
Liza Treyger (In from NYC; Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately)
Mike Stanley (In from LA; Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
Puterbaugh Sisters (Entertaining Julia; SF Sketchfest)
Dave Helem (Thank You Very Much; Stand Up Stand Up)
Goodrich Gevaart (Freak Happening; Comedy Exposition)
Xavier Lamont (Whiskey Journal; NFL Lineman)
Special Guest (In from NYC)

So yeah, like we said, the lineup is bonkers in both length and talent.  It would behoove you to not shit the bed by missing this.  Send that group email to your best friends right now.

9pm.             Free.             10,000 Best Friends.

Parlour Car ~ June 19th, 2014

Aye there gang.  We’ve got another sweet-hot show coming down the pike.  When we say “sweet-hot” we mean it’s like a honey-sriracha aioli, but without the mayonnaise-y component.  And when we say “pike” we mean it’s like, you know, a pike.  Like a spike, but without the “S”, and things come down it.  Look, forget about the pike thing and just focus on how sweet this hot show is going to be.  Peep this lineup.  Page your pals.  Penjoy.

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets;  Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Adam Burke (JFL CHI;  Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
Chelsea Hood (Visiting from NYC via CHI)
Collin Bullock (Awkward Moments Pod)
Tommy McNamara (Road 2 Oddball Winner;  Probably Lincoln Lodge, right?)
Jonah Jurkens (Blind Bet Show;  Sidebar Show)
CJ Toledano (Visiting from LA;  Writer for Fallon;   E!)

Right then.  Now you see what all that “sweet hot” business was about.  Go get dinner with your best friends, and then all come to the show.   Free.   9pm.   BFN (Best Friends Nation).