Parlour Car ~ May 21st, 2015


Yo pals hey.  So yeah the weather is weird this week, but like, so is life most of the time, so maybe let’s get off the weather’s back about it.  For real, cut weather some slack and then peep the super rad lineup of comedians for this week:

Brian Babylon (Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!; Moth Story Slam)
Emma Willmann (AxisTV Live at Gotham; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; SF Sketchfest; Entertaining Julia)
Drew Frees (Laugh Factory; Zanies; Back from the Sea)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Expo; Comedy Secrets; Zanies)
Tim Barnes (It’s All True Pod; Chicago Mag’s Comics to Watch)
Conor Delehanty (Laugh Factory; Limestone Fest)

Word.  It’s clear how rad this show will be.  Come hang and celebrate what’s about to maybe be spring, possibly summer, or back to winter again.  Make your 3 best friends download Periscope, and then Periscope video them and invite them to Parlour Car.  It’ll be a real hoot for you guys.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  BFSSPC (Best Friends’ Sandwich & Soda Pop Conglomerate)

Parlour Car ~ May 14th, 2015


Hey friends, no time for chatting, but here’s the deal this week:  most of the comics on the lineup are out-of-town pals.  They’re super fun and cool and don’t come to Chicago very often, so the show will be real neat.  Two pals from New York, one from LA, another from Milwaukee.  Two of them are sneaky special guests that you’ll have to come see for yourself.  Plus a few fun Chicago pals.  Word so peep this lineup:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Expo; Parlour Car; Comedy Secrets)
T. Murph (Key & Peele; Comedy Central; Shaq’s Next All Star)
Natalie Shure (The Atlantic; 50 Funniest People in Brooklyn; in from NYC)
Abi Sanchez (Laugh Factory; Zanies)
Jason Hillman (Zanies; Comedy Cafe; in from Milwaukee)
Sneaky Special Guest (Comedy Cellar; in from NYC)
Sneaky Special Guest (Television; in from LA)

Okay cool you guys.  It’s pretty evident how fun this will be.  Link up a video conference with 4 of your best friends under the guise that you have something really important to tell them, and then invite them to Parlour Car.  They’ll be relieved you’re not dying, and then you can all celebrate at the show.

Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  BFSLS (Best Friends Social & Leisure Society)

Parlour Car ~ May 7th, 2015


Yo friends okay so another way late post on our hands here.  Big thanks to everyone who mega-packed the show last week and helped make it extra major fun.  Also, another shout out to  TimeOut Chicago for, yet again, showing us some love.  Thanks pals.  Can the Tribune, Sun-Times, Chicago Magazine, RedEye, Reader, and TimeOut all be wrong about how cool and fun Parlour Car is?  Well, they could be, but they’re not.  Peep the lineup for this week’s hot times:

CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central; Chicago Underground Comedy)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car; Blackout Diaries)
Natalie Jose (Chicago Underground Comedy; friends with Oprah)
Meredith Kachel (Hoo Ha Comedy; Impress These Apes)
Odinaka Ezeokoli (Congrats on Your Success)
Andy Fleming (Two Hour Comedy Hour; Comedy Secrets)
Special Guest (YES)

Right so yeah. This’ll be major fun and cool like always. If you’ve never been, come hang and you’ll get it. Also, it’s customary to bring between 1-6 of your favorite best friends, so let’s make sure you start things off on the right foot.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille. BFE&FCSO (Best Friends Equestrian & Fun Cocktail Society Organization)

Parlour Car ~ April 30th, 2015


Hello friends hi.  Okay so let’s all take a break from social media this week before it completely ruins our insides.  And by insides we mean your soul and heart and brain and butt.  Maybe not your butt, but also, maybe your butt.  You never know, that’s why it’s important to be careful.  How careful?  Careful enough to come peep this major hot lineup for this week:

Shane Torres (Comedy Bang! Bang!; JFL Montreal; in from NYC)
Chris Redd (Tina Fey’s new ABC show; Second City; NBC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)
Kristen Toomey (Hoo Ha Comedy; Laugh Factory)
Joe McAdam (Wheel Show @ Meltdown Comics; Late Live Show; in from LA)
Sydney Adeniyi (Zanies; Laugh Factory; The Improv)
Kristen Clifford (Lincoln Lodge; Performance Anxiety Show)
Special Guest? (Nah)

Word?  Word.  This is gonna be way super fun.  Put baseball cards in your bicycle spokes and ride to your best friends’ houses and tell them to hurry up and come to Parlour Car with you.  It’ll be just like old times when you were little and went to Parlour Car with your best friends.
Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.   B.F.B.G.F.T.F.T.  (Best Friends Bicycle Group For the Fun Times)

Parlour Car ~ April 23rd, 2015


Friends hey so here’s the deal here.  This week’s show is going to be super fun for a number of reasons.  First of all, this is always fun.  More importantly, there’s going to be good pals in town from around the country performing.  Will there be Chicago pals?  Yes.  San Francisco pals?  Yes.  Boston pals?  Yes.  Los Angeles pals?  Yes.  Sneaky special guest pal(s)?  Maybe(s)?  For real though come hang but first peep this lineup:

Jay Larson (Comedy Central; Conan; Esquire; SXSW, in from LA)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; Entertaining Julia; Parlour Car)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)
Martin Morrow (Second City; Laugh Factory)
Irene Tu (SF Sketchfest; Limestone Comedy Fest; in from SF)
Sam Ike (ImprovBoston; in from Boston)
Sean White (BEEF; Dead & Gone Album)
Sneaky Special Guest(s)? (Maybe(s))

Roger that.  Get there before 9pm if you’re real into sitting in a big way.  If you’re more of a standing kinda pal, well, just do whatever you feel like, but make sure to alert three to ten of your best friends and then all come down for a hoot.    Free.  9pm.  BFBACFBF (Best Friends’ Bow & Arrow Club for Best Friends)

Parlour Car ~ April 16th, 2015


Hey friends.  Yeah hey.  Okay so mega late post here.  We shan’t have time for witticisms, and by witticisms, we mean unhinged ramblings.  Hopefully everyone remembered to pay the taxman yesterday.  We also hope – hypothetically – no one found out that they technically qualify for food stamps.  But hey, dreams right?  Anyway, major fun hot show this week.  AND it’ll be a fun birthday hoot for our bestie Dave Drake, so bonus points for anyone who shows up dressed as a lifeguard.  Peep this lineup:

Liza Treyger (Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately; in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)
Puterbaugh Sisters (Last Comic Standing; Entertaining Julia; Parlour Car)
Mike Lebovitz (JFL Montreal; CYSK; Gilda’s LaughFest)
David Drake (Blind Bet Show; Laugh Factory BIRTHDAY BOY)
Erica Clark (UP Comedy Club; Laugh Factory)
Charlie Bury (Lincoln Lodge; Laugh Factory)

So like, yeah, right?  For sure.  Buy your three best friends walkie talkies and then make the first cool BFs mission to go check Parlour Car together.  It’ll be fun and whimsical and plus we never do cool stuff like that anymore.
Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  SCUBFAA (Self Contained Underwater Best Friends Apparatus Association)

Parlour Car ~ April 9th, 2015


Yo friends hey check it out listen up.  Not a lotta time for making the chats right now, but we do wanna go ahead and thank all you friends for packing this way fun show every week.  If you frequent Parlour Car, you know that if you want to get a seat (instead of standing) than it’s wise to arrive on the earlier side.  If you didn’t know that, now you do.  Cool so anyway, peep this lineup for this week’s hot fun show:

Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car; Blackout Diaries)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Parlour Car; Comedy Expo)
Clark Jones (Knitting Factory BK; JFL Chi; in from NYC)
Katie McVay (Two Hour Comedy Hour; Comedy Expo)
Dave Helem (JFL Chi; Thank You Very Much; Stand Up Stand Up)
Kristin Clifford (Lincoln Lodge; Performance Anxiety)
Mike Sheehan (Comedians You Should Know)
Mike Makings (Fancy Beer Comedy Hour; Beer Belly Mic)

Word so yeah, this’ll clearly def be a major fun time.  If you understand how Snapchat even works, make a snappy chat that only your best friends can see, and suggest you all go to Parlour Car together somewhere inside of the snapping message for chatting.  Is that right?  Perf.

Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  UBFS (Universal Best Friends Social)