Parlour Car ~ October 8th, 2015

Oh my gosh, OK, it’s almost noon. Do you have your lunch plans ready? It’s supposed to be warm out. Maybe you’ll throw down some kind of sandwich on a patio? Do whatever feels right, but most definitely fuel up for tonight because we really want to see you seeing these comics:

The Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chicago; Entertaining Julia)
Stephanie Hasz (The Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Kristin Clifford (JFL Chicago; Lincoln Lodge)
Taneshia Rice (Damon Williams Show; Jokes and Notes)
Trey Brown (Lincoln Lodge)
Justin Golak (Rooftop Comedy; Columbus’ Entertainer to Watch)
Brett Erickson (Visiting from LA)

Text your friends some emojis about it. Maybe smiley face with sunglasses or smiley face with hearts for eyes. Maybe that weird, purple sweet potato. Whatever it takes to get them out of the house and drinking Moscow mules. Free. 9pm.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ October 1st, 2015


Yes hello pals hey.  A little business up top: it’s time to stop fucking around around about October.  Seriously, put your pens down.  Helmets off, bring it in.  C’mon.  Take a knee, let’s focus up for a minute.  Eyes up here.  You guys.  YOU GUYS.  Quit playing grab-ass for one minute and pay attention.  Okay so again, October is no joke, so let that sink in.  Now that we’re on the same page,  g’head and peep this weeks major hot lineup of some of the best comedians in Chicago:

Danny Kallas (JFL Chi; Comedians You Should Know)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)
Stephanie Hasz (Bridgetown; Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
David Drake (SF Sketchfest; Blind Bet Show; Laugh Factory)
Erica Nicole Clark (JFL Chi; Laugh Factory)
Reena Calm (JFL Chi; Hoo Ha Comedy; Laugh Factory)
Kevin Brody (Arguments & Grievances; Crom Fest)
Grace Lusk (Surprise Party!; BEEF; Leaving for LA)
Another pal or two? (Like maybe right?)

Word.  Big time.  This’ll certainly be a super rad fun cool time.  If you and your best friends don’t already have walkie talkies – which is crazy if you don’t – but go buy some and then separate from each other and then walkie them to invite them to Parlour Car.  Then everyone’s best friends will be there and it’ll be Best Friends’ Nation.   Ah what fun.   Free. 9pm.  Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ September 24th, 2015

Guys. Hello, how are you? It’s Fall now, are we ok? It’s still in the 70s, so I think we’re ok. You know what else is ok? Not our show, because our show is great. That was a pretty cool dad joke, huh? Anyway, look at all these pals we’ll be hanging out with this week:

Marty DeRosa (Comedians You Should Know; Wrestling with Depression)
Mike Albanese (BET; in from NYC)
Stephanie Hasz (Bridgetown; The Comedy Exposition; Parlour Car)
Ali Clayton (Just for Laughs Chicago; Zanies; Laugh Factory)
Nicholas Rouley (Freak Happening)
Christie Buchele (Comedy Works; in from Denver)
Jay Washington (Laugh Factory)
Todd Massey (Stand Up Stand Up)

Come out, bring your regular friends, bring your work friends, bring a garbage bag filled with the last winds of summer that you’ve dressed as a human being, come alone and make a friend. It’s totally up to you. We just want you to be happy.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ September 17th, 2015


Hey friends yo.  Okay so yet another one of our super duper late posts here.  We’re real sorry.  But it’s here now so lets all move past it together whilst we share in a collective aura of forgiveness and positivity, yes?  Word.  This week’s show is for real about to be the most fun.  Pals back in town from New York and Los Angeles?  Yeah big time.  Peep this lineup in a large way:

Joe Kilgallon (TBS; CYSK; in from LA)
Stephanie Hasz (Bridgetown; Comedy Expo; Parlour Car)
Tim Barnes (This is All True! Pod;
Sonia Denis (Congrats on Your Success)
Chris Condren (JFL Chi; Zanies)
Goodrich Gevaart (FREAK Happening; Arguments & Grievances)
Charlie Rohrer (Bridgetown; Congrats on Your Success)
Jesse Baltes (College Humor; in from NYC)

Cool so yes.  This will very clearly be a hot fun time.  Tell several best friends about it with the assumption that only one or two will attend the show with you.  Hedging bets is important in this world.
Free. 9pm. Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ September 10th, 2015


Yo now friends.  Listen, late post here.  Not the latest, but late nonetheless.  Also like, we get it.  It’s real late on Wednesday night, you’re drunk, we’re drunk, it’s understood.  What should also be very much understood is how way major slick and rad this week’s show is.  Let’s all understand it together in a big way by peeping this lineup:

Pat McGann (Letterman;  Chicago Stand-Up Project)
Noah Gardenswartz (Last Comic Standing;  JFL MTL;  in from NYC)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi;  Blackout Diaries;  Parlour Car)
Sean Keane (Comedy Central;  NBC;  in from LA)
Katie McVay (JFL Chi;  Chicago Underground Comedy)
Xavier Lemont (Zanies;  Riddles)
Irene McGee (The Real World: Seattle ’98;  in from NYC)
Dale McPeek (Cole’s Open Mic)

Word so yeah.  Also like here’s the sitch: this is always fun.  Come hang and high-five a pal and then low-five a different pal if you feel like it.  Whatever you’re into.  Bring some best friends and let’s get into it.  Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.


Parlour Car ~ September 3rd, 2015


Friends whoa hey.  Look there’s no way around it, September is here.  It’s not really fall yet, but it’s def September in a big way.  Like we’re already into it.  All of us.  Yeah.   Anyway, on a less aggressive and more positive note, the weather will still be nice for a way long time.  Plus it’s important to remember that there’s a lot of joy in the world.  Sure, joy must eternally coexist with sorrow in a weird way, but maybe let’s try to focus on the joy part?  Yeah?  Cool yeah.  Also, peep this sweet meats lineup:

Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; JFL Montreal; Blackout Diaries)
Puterbaugh Sisters (JFL Chi; SF Sketchfest; Parlour Car)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car; Blackout Diaries)
Calvin Evans (JFL Chi; MiHiChi; Jokes and Notes)
Sean White (BEEF; Dead & Gone Album; Major Dead Family)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge; Cole’s Cabaret)
Kevin White (Arguments & Grievances; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Peter Kim (Second City; iO Theater)

It’s like yeah hey for sure.  This’ll be the best like always so tell those best friends of yours that the bike ride/gelato date is cancelled because it’s too hot outside.  Then tell them about the whiskeys and laughings at Parlour Car.  Then just fucking show up and hang and have a hoot.  Word?  Word.
Free.   9pm.   Bar DeVille.

Parlour Car ~ August 27th, 2015


Whoa friends okay so one of our latest posts here.  We had some last minute adjustments and tinkering to do, all in the name of making tonight’s show extra dandy pants.  It’s the the ol’ favorite format of a handful of best pal from Chicago and a couple sweet pals from New York and beyond.  Look, you get it, we get it.  Peep the lineup for tonight’s hotcake competition:

Janelle James (Bridgetown Comedy Fest; Limestone; in from NYC)
David Drake (SF Sketchfest; Blind Bet; Zanies)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Parlour Car; Blackout Diaries)
Derek Smith (Lincoln Lodge; Laugh Factory)
Jeff Scheen (Laugh Factory; This Week’s Show)
Tyler Jackson (Hell Yes Fest; Late Late Breakfast)
Adam Murray (The Improv; in from Orlando)
Special Guest? (Yes)

Word.  If you’ve been here before, you know this is always a sweet hot time.  If you haven’t, come learn about it in a real cool way.  Rent a couple tandem bicycles and invite your best friends to ride them to the show with you.  People might talk about you, but it’ll come from a place of jealousy.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  BFTBRCFTBOH. (Best Friends Tandem Bicycle Riding Club for the Betterment of Humanity)