Parlour Car ~ April 24th, 2014


Does anyone even read these mindless, unhinged ramblings that are finger-dumped out every week?  It would make the most sense if everyone answered with a resounding “no,” as these short essays of insanity do little to benefit anyone.  Especially those who are merely trying to see what the lineup is for the show.  Also, “finger-dumped” is a word we just made up, and you can use it however you want, whenever you want; society already has enough rules.  Make your own.  Lineup this week:

Adam Burke (JFL Chi; Wiggle Room)
Shea Spillane (Visiting from Boston; Boston Globe’s Comics to Watch)
Lem Slaughter (JFL Chi; Jokes and Notes)
Marlena Rodriguez (Second City; Double Feature)
Jeremy Essig (Visiting from NYC; Bob & Tom Show)
Megan Gailey (JFL Chi; Laugh Factory)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries)
Renee Gauthier (Visiting from LA; Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately)

Extra jam-packed lineup this week, which means extra jam-packed-super-the-best-fun-times.

The show is at 9pm and the show is FREE.  It will be swarmed with best friends so make sure to bring yours because not seeing your best friend is how you lose your best friend.  Bring ‘em.

Parlour Car ~ April 17th, 2014


No time for horsin’ around here, swell pals, so to the chase we shall cut.  It’s a silly awesome show this week.  We’ve got guests from all over the East Coast, including one of the founding members of Parlour Car.  We’ve got a birthday boy.  We’ve got a friend that’s about to leave us for NYC.  And we’ve got a couple of our all-time favorites.  All their names will be listed below, immediately following this sentence.

Matty Ryan (JFL CHI; Blackout Diaries)
CJ Sullivan (JFL CHI; Comedy Central)
Liza Treyger (Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately)
Drew Frees (JFL CHI; Laugh Factory)
Kenny DeForest (Back from NYC; Parlour Car co-founder)
David Drake (Sidebar Show; Birthday Boy!)
Phil Davidson (Visiting from Vermont)
Al Park (Visiting from Boston, Boston Comedy Festival)

Pretty nasty pants, right?   Ok word.  Come peep this dish in a big way.  The show is FREE.  The show starts at 9PM.  The show will have the largest collection of best friends in North America.  Bring your best pals or get out of here.

Parlour Car ~ April 10th, 2014


So there’s a man yelling outside our window right now, and it’s hard to understand him, but we’re all pretty sure he’s screaming about tomorrow’s show.  You might be thinking, “But you guys haven’t announced the lineup yet, how could he be having a conniption about something he doesn’t know?”  Because he does know.  He knows that every week we have a goddamn pant-kicker of a programmed spectacle.  He knows the lineups are always different, always real super rad, and always curated for a maximum-hot-times-fun-party.  Before you join this prophetic town crier in the streets, check this lineup:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Kolin Bohannon (Make Yourself at Home)
Joey Villagomez (Laugh Factory; The Improv)
Derick Lengwenus (JFL Montreal; San Fran Comedy Competition)
Drew Michael (visiting from NYC; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Ali Clayton (What Am I Looking At?; BET)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago; Blackout Diaries)
Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy; CYSK)

You peep that or what? Prey nast right? Now get outside and start screaming. Or just grab your best friend and come to the show tomorrow night.

Show: 9pm ||| Best friends: always and forever

Parlour Car ~ April 3 2013


Hey you Spring chickens, your frolicking lambs you; it looks like we’re almost done shaking Old Man’s hoary nasty fingers off our backs which means there is not excuse to crawl out of that hell hole you crawl an apartment and come smear some quality comedy good times all over your ever-loving kisser. As usual at Parlour Car we’ve assembled a top notch coterie of hilarious chaps and chapettes all designed for you to raise your arms up to Helios and celebrate the world not being a big old pain basket. Tonight’s April shower includes:

  • Adam Burke (Parlour Car producer)
  • Rebecca O’Neal (Congrats on Your Success)
  • Tim Barnes (It’s All True podcast)
  • Timmy Brochu (Upcoming Album: Xanadu)
  • Chad Briggs (Chicago Underground Comedy)
  • Paul Thomas (SketchFest)
  • Mike Lebovitz (Montreal Just for Laughs)

All this and a cavalcade of choice beverages served up by our resident magical barkeeps should make for one helluva night. Don’t be a fool to yourself and snag yourself a seat upfront. Cheers!

Parlour Car ~ March 27th, 2014


Listen up pals, no time for chatting and playing grab-ass this week.  Let’s just cut right to the chase:

Weather: nice
Cocktails: super good
This show: always major awesome
Best friends: here in droves

Got it?  Perf.  Now peep the lineup this week:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)

Adam Burke (JFL Chicago; Wiggle Room)

Calvin Evans (JFL Chicago; Blind Bet Show)

Tony Sam (Visiting from LA; SF Sketchfest; Bridgetown)

Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago; Blackout Diaries)

Mo Alexander (Visiting from Memphis; Comedy Central; BET)

Prescott Tolk (Visiting from LA; Comedy Central; Bob & Tom)

Special guest?  (Probz, right?)

Did you see that?  Right there?  That’s another spice-rack of a lineup.  Come get at it and we’ll all have the best time, big time.  Cool?  Show is free like always and starts at 9 like always.  Get there a little before if you like sitting in seats.

Parlour Car ~ March 20th, 2014


Hey guys, sorry this post is late.  We’ve been scouring Facebook trying to find a link to an article that discusses what may have happened to that plane.  It seems like a big deal,  which is why it’s surprising that no one is really talking about it.  If anyone’s ever been on a plane, at least one time, surely they should have an insight into the high-level mechanical engineering and scientific expertise behind the chain of reactions that caused the plane to go missing, right?  Apparently not.  Well, if anyone reads anything, even if it’s posted by your 13-year-old cousin that failed algebra, please let us know.  For now, while we all figure it out, peep this lineup and come check the way sick show this week:

UPDAted lineup

Liza Treyger (Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately)

Ian Ambramson (Nice To Meet You Show; Rathskellar)

Martin Morrow (Second City; Laugh Factory)

Kyle Ayers (In from NYC; Brooklyn Comedy Festival; Funny Or Die)

Puterbaugh Sisters (Entertaining Julia; JFL Chicago)

Megan Gailey (JFL Chicago, Laugh Factory)

Aaron Weaver (In from LA; Comedy Central Comics to Watch; Boston Comedy Fest)

Special guests?  Probz.  To be honest, we don’t even know who’s hosting yet.  Isn’t this fun?  Come see what happens.

Show:  9pm.         Best friends:  Here to Eternity.

Parlour Car ~ March 13th, 2014


So it turns out that all the snow that melted the other day was solely to make room for more snow, which is super cool.   What’s even cooler, is that the fresh snow fills in all the potholes, making them seemingly disappear.  Our favorite thing about about camouflaged potholes is that it turns a simple drive down a residential street into traversing a Cambodian mine field.  It keeps you on your toes, and makes you look for new places to live.  If you’re still living in Chicago this week, the best way to beat a fresh summer snow is by having some whiskies and laughs at Parlour Car.  Sicko lineup this week:

Adam Burke (JFL Chicago; Wiggle Room)

Charlie Bury (Lincoln Lodge; Baby Cupid)

Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy; Laugh Factory)

Dave Drake (Side Bar Show; Three Dead Moose)

Candy Lawrence (JFL Chicago; Bridgetown; Show Pony!)

CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central; JFL Chicago)

Special guests?  (Like, probably, right?)

We’re pretty confident that all of the best friends will be in attendance this week, but just in case we missed any, call your two coolest friends and come check this show.  Staying inside is for dorks.

FREE.                           9pm.                           Best Friends’ Club.