Parlour Car ~ Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Stand Up Comedy


Kenny DeForest (Parlour Car, Wind Up)
Candy Lawrence (Chicago Underground Comedy)
CJ Toledano (Conan, Jimmy Fallon, Basketball Chat Rooms)
Joe McAdam (Late Live Show, Creative Control)
Russ Williamson (Chicago Fire, National Headliner)

What?  Um, apple juice if you have it?  Yeah water is fine– Oh, hey guys.  Parlour Car is back again this week, just like all Thursdays.  And, just like all Parlour Car shows on all the Thursdays, the lineup is super sick-nasty.  Don’t believe us?  Look back up at that lineup you somehow skipped to read this. Go ‘head. We’ll wait… Ok, see? Cool. Good talk. See you Thursday at 8:00 (or earlier if you want a seat).
Show starts at 8pm.  FREE.  Bar Deville, 701 N. Damen.  Seating is limited.  For reservations, please email