Parlour Car ~ Thursday, February 28th

Ok, was this last night?  Yes.  Did we forget to update the site?  Also yes.  Are we sorry?  Still yes.  Are we all over it and moving on?  Let’s hope so.  Seriously though, last night, holy Lord.  Possibly the best turnout yet, literally couldn’t fit everyone inside the room.  Maybe it’s a good thing we forgot to update this site, because if there were any more people there last night, it wouldn’t have even been fair.  What was the lineup?  This was the lineup:

Drew Frees hosting:

The Puterbaugh Sisters (Entertaining Julia)

Bill Cruz (Chicago Underground Comedy; Gay Bully)

Mike Joyce (Rathskellar Open Mic)

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)

Drew Michael (Comedians You Should Know)

So, yeah.  If you missed it, that was way dumb.  Don’t do that anymore.  And if you want a seat, or even want to fit in the room, get there early next time.  Every Thursday.  Bar Deville.  8PM.  FREE. Peep this eagle fight.  See ya.