Parlour Car ~ Thursday, March 7th, 2013



You guys, holy dork-butts. Last week was silliness. We honestly couldn’t squeeze one more person in the show. If you got there late, you know what you did. We’re not mad, or even disappointed; you should be though. With yourself. Now, stop moping around about it, and figure out a way to get to Parlour Car earlier this week to ensure a seat, or at least a place to stand. You’re gonna wanna catch this lineup:

Adam Burke (TBS Just for Laughs; Parlour Car)
Mike Sheehan (Mike Sheehan Comedy Hour)
Joe Kilgallon (Comedians You Should Know; Naked Sports Live)
Jeanie Doogan (Speakeasy Comedy)
Aaron Weaver (The Wind Up, moving to LA in a couple days)

Good talk. See ya out there. At 8pm. Not 8:30. Don’t turn us into liars by forcing us to start late. Our moms hate that.