Parlour Car ~ Thursday, March 28th, 2013


Ok, we understand that we frequently tout these lineups as “top-notch” or “out of control” or “fucking silly-pants,” but this week’s lineup truly is top-notch-out-of-control-fucking-silly-pants.  Fo’ serious.  Now, have a couple of these people been here before, albeit in our short 8-week (to date) lifespan?  Yes.  Are they some of our favorite people AND some of the most hilarious joke-makers in the city?  Another yes.  UPDATE:  RedEye Chicago just listed us in their “Eat. Drink. Do.” section as a top thing to do, which is supes dupes cool.  Grab a copy, or peep the online version.  Lineup you ask?  Yeah, it’s right here, please relax:

Kenny DeForest (Parlour Car, Is This Really It?)

Brian Babylon (Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!,

Saurin Choksi (Lincoln Lodge)

Puterbaugh Sisters (Chicago Underground Comedy, Entertaining Julia)

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries, Parlour Car)

Joe Kilgallon (Comedians You Should Know, Naked Sports Live)

Well, there you have it, pals.  Now let’s do this together in a big way.  Super laughs.  Amaze cocktails.  Best friends.  And, hopefully by the time this show takes place, SCOTUS will let these same-sex eagles get married.  Let’s go!