Parlour Car ~ Thursday, April 4th, 2013


You guys.  Last Week.  Whoa.  The show was packed to the brim with good pals, we passed around a nice bottle of whiskey, the lineup was more than stellar — if you were there and didn’t enjoy yourself, that’s on you.  Big time.  Anyway, should we just do that again this week?  Prolly, right?  Fer sher.  Anybutts, the lineup this week is literally overloaded with great comics.  Peep this right here:

Adam Burke (Wiggle Room, Parlour Car)

Tyson Karrasch (Your Monday’s Best)

Lindsay Adams (Duck Duck Comedy)

Kenny DeForest (Parlour Car, Is This Really It?)

Cameron Gillette (Home for Special Boys)

Aaron Weaver (The Wind Up, Moving to LA (seriously this time))

Danny Kallas (Comedians You Should Know, His Father’s Bathtub)

Cool?  Cool.  Mad laughs.  Supes dupes cocktails.  Best friends.  Eagle fight.

eagle 4