Parlour Car ~ Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Stand Up Comedy

A little late again, but let’s be honest — you already knew that.  Ok freinds, we know it’s always a lot of fun at these here shows.  We’re also aware that Bar Deville has an incredibly tasty beer selection, as well as amaze cocktails that’d cause Hemingway to declare a five star Yelp review; and then punch a moose or four.  That being said, moving forward, we advise everyone to not — repeat NOT — climb the cell phone tower across the street from The Continental after the show.  Is it very tall and tempting?  Yes.  Is it fun and super windy up there?  Yes.  Will your legs hurt for a week afterwards?  Yes.  Does the Chicago Police Department appreciate it?  No.  Not even a little bit.  For real, they do not like that at all.  We good?  Got it?  Ok sweet.  Here’s your lineup for this week:

Kenny DeForest (Parlour Car; Is This Really It?)

Natalie Jose (Shinebox Comedy; like, 9 bands)

Lane Pieschel (2013 Bridgetown Comedy Festival; attractive man (and woman, if you squint))

Jeff Hansen (Chicago Underground Comedy)

Drew Michael (Comedians You Should Know; I Might Be Wrong)

Mike Lebovitz (Comedians You Should Know; haver of multipurpose and renaissance penis)

We know after seeing this lineup you’ll probably want to climb your nearest cell phone tower and shout it from the very small and scary platform at the top, but please don’t.  Just text your friend or tweet about it.  Big-time laughs.  Phenom cocktails.  Best friends. #EagleFight #AquaticEagleFight #FlyingWaterRascals