Parlour Car ~ Thursday, April 25th, 2013


Way to go, gang.  To our knowledge, no one climbed the cell phone tower last week.  Though, for the record, it is approximately thirteen stories tall, and is neither federally owned, nor on federally owned land.  This week is gonna be a real good ol’ fashioned time, you guys.  It’s Kenny DeForest’s birthday (one of our producers), so we’re gonna try to make this show extra special.  How?  Well, just come check it out.  Or you can watch it online via our live stream of the show.  Just kidding, shut up, we’d never do that.  Another don’t miss lineup this week, y’all:

Sam Norton

David Drake (Three Dead Moose)

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries; Parlour Car)

Will Miles (Two Black Dudes & an Open Mic; Zanies)

Caitlin Bergh (Lincoln Lodge, CHUNKS, Funny Story Show)

Prescott Tolk (Comedy Central, visiting from LA)

Kenny DeForest (Parlour Car; Birthday Boy)

Pretty beefy lineup, so bring your grownup pants.  Also, please bring your interpretation of the immediately preceding sentence, as we have no idea what it means.  Show starts at 8pm.  Bar Deville, 701 N. Damen.  Criz drizzles.  Mad hilare.  Bomb pals.  #birthdayeaglefight

eagle party