Parlour Car ~ Thursday, May 2nd, 2013


Hey there dudes and ladydudes, real slick show lined up for tomorrow; complete with guest hosts and a silly lineup of headliners.  Two of our producers (Kenny and Matty) are down south on a mini-tour, wrapping it with the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  Another producer (Adam) is performing at Zanies, so we got our good pals Jeff Steinbrunner and Lane Pieschel to help us out.  Jeff and Lane are way great bros, and Lane even looks like an attractive woman if you squint a little.  So that’s pretty cool.  Anyway, here’s the lineup for your first May installment of Parlour Car:

Jeff Steinbrunner (Your Funniest Friends)

Lane Pieschel (Bridgetown Comedy Festival)

Joey Villagomez (HBO)

Mike Stanley (Boston Comedy Festival)

Drew Frees (Comedy Central’s Comedians to Watch)

Specials guests?  Pfft, prolly.  Gonna be way rad.  8:00.  Bar Deville (701 N. Damen).  Great drinks.  Best friends.  Eagle fight.