Parlour Car ~ Thursday, May 30th, 2013


Keepin’ brief this week.  Brief, and classy, as they say.  Who says that?  We just did.  And you did with your mind after reading that sentence.  Or with your mouth if you read out loud, which, stop that.  Anyway, we’re moving on.  This week is gonna be a real fat-slapper of a show, gang.  We have a couple fun pal guests, one each from New York and Los Angeles, as well as a few of the best comedians Chicago has to offer.  This week’s lineup shall be as follows:

Jeff Steinbrunner (Laugh Factory)

Sean White (Cold News)

Will Miles (Two Black Dudes)

Charlie Bury (Lincoln Lodge)

Aaron Weaver (Boss Dogger)

Adam Burke (Wiggle Room, TBS Just for Laughs)

Theres more, prolly; so you know, cool.  Doors at 8:00.  Show at 8:30.  701 N. Damen.  Way awesome times.  Super of the best friends.  #eaglefight