Parlour Car ~ Thursday, June 6th, 2013

lunapic_136805284820776_12 Hey gang, hey, whoa, calm down.  There’s some real fun jams happening this week, so buckle yourselves in. First of all, last week was great, so thanks to everyone for helping to make with the funs.  Now, this week is going to be *slightly* different, but not really.  From now on, instead of 8:30ish, we’ll be starting the show PROMPTLY at 9pm.  9 o’clock, post meridian, Central Standard Time.  We’re all adults now and it’s about time we started acting like it by being on time for stuff.  Including free standup comedy shows.  One super fun addition that we’re excited about this week is that the Windy City Patty Wagon food truck will be joining us!  They’ll be posted up in front of Bar Deville before and during the show, serving up delicious burgers of all kinds (beef, chicken, quinoa, falafel, etc.).  So come a little early, grab a burg’, a drink, a comfy seat and settle in for this week’s lineup, which includes two guests from NYC and one from Philly:

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries, TBS Just For Laughs Festival)

Timmy Brochu (Midnight Mass)

Lauren Vino (RIOT Comedy, Former ChiTown gal back from NYC)

Joel Walkowski (Another pal in from NYC)

Chris Cotton (Pal in from Philly)

Danny Kallas (Comedians You Should Know, Ol’ Sandwich Pants)

Right then.  So to recap:  get there early for mad-tasty burgers from the food truck; the show starts fucking promptly at 9:00pm; most of your best friends will be there; optional game of tickle-dicks if we have enough for two teams.  Oh, and for sure a nice #eaglefight.