Parlour Car ~ Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Goodness gracious, last week was a hot jam.  Special thanks to our New York/Los Angeles guests that stopped by for a set:  Michelle Buteau, Bryan Cook, Jermaine Fowler and Mike Stanley.  Also, a less-than-special thanks to the Chicago comics that performed.  They were great as always, but c’mon, they live here.  Medium thanks.  And a final large-sized thank you to everyone who packed the place, and stayed through a longer-than-usual show with almost double the comics.  Although if it wasn’t super fun, no one would’ve stayed, so also, you’re welcome.  What’d you ask?  Is this week also going to have the awesome?  Yeah, it super is, so pay attention.  The Windy City Patty Wagon will be back this week before/during the show, serving up made-to-order delicious burgers (meat/veg) for you to enjoy inside or outside Bar Deville.  Come early, grab a burger outside, grab an Old Fashioned inside (the cocktail, not handjob you sicko), and settle in for a superb show.  Then, after the show, stick around for some handjobs.  This week’s lineup:

Bill Cruz (Chicago Underground Comedy, TBS Just For Laughs)

Pete Kuempel (New York City)

Adam Burke (Wiggle Room, TBS Just for Laughs, Parlour Car)

Candy Lawrence (TBS Just for Laughs, SCIENCE)

David Drake (The Side Bar Show, Summer Camp Shaman)

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries, TBS Just for Laughs, Parlour Car)

Drew Michael (I Might Be Wrong Podcast, new album “Loveley”)

Ok, got it?  Sark.  Show starts promptly at 9pm, seating is first-come, first-serve, unless you email us and get there by 8:30.  Food truck.  Cocktails.  Laughs.  Best Friends.  #eaglefight