Parlour Car ~ Thursday, August 1st, 2013


Ok, right off the bat, if you went to see Jurassic Park in Wicker Park last week instead of coming to Parlour Car, you’re not allowed to come this week.  Seriously.   J.Kids you guys, jeez.  We’re just jealous we missed it.  Who wouldn’t want to max out in the park on a nice evening with a sammie, a blankie, a nice pal or three and dig in to watch Goldblum really get to the bottom of shit?  Yeah.  No one wouldn’t.  Actually, updated mandate: If you weren’t at Jurassic Park in Wicker Park last week, you’re never allowed to come to any comedy thing again starting now until forever.  Although that would also bar us from attending functions surrounding hilarity.  How is this gonna…. Alright look, let’s do this.  Everyone can come this week, and always, as long as you make a point to do 5 super-cool things between now and September that you wouldn’t normally do.  Kayaking?  Outdoor dance party?  Adult lemonade stand?  Homebrewing beer? Kale shakes?  We don’t know what you’re into, but you do, so figure it out.  We’ll collect forms at the end of the summer and there’ll be prizes for people who did the most sweet stuff outside their wheelhouse.  Like Pizza Hut and BOOK IT!  Don’t get the reference?  Tell your baby self to read more.  Ok, Jesus, sorry, lineup this week:

UPDATE:    The Windy City Patty Wagon will be here tonight serving up mad delicious burgers of all kinds (meat/veg), so come early, grab a burg, and bring it on inside.

Kenny DeForest (TBS Just for Laughs; Is This Really It? Podcast)

Charlie Bury (Lincoln Lodge; Late Live Show)

Will Miles (Zanies; Two Black Dudes)

Brandie Posey (Picture This! ; Lady to Lady Podcast)

Brendan McGowan (Native son of Chicago; Freedom Enthusiasts, LLC)

Matty Ryan (TBS Just for Laughs; Blackout Diaries)

Junior Stopka (Doug Stanhope’s Unbookables; Grimm’s Fairytale woodland monster)

Don’t even read that first paragraph, it’s ridiculous and dumb.  Just look at this amazing lineup, tell four of your best friends, and come peep the show on Thursday.  Best friends club.  Super fresh #EagleFights.