Parlour Car ~ Thursday, August 8th, 2013


Well, let us start by giving a great big huge-dog thank you to the Chicago Reader for the write-up last week (check it out here).  On the real, thanks a bundle pals.  We’re major pumped you dig the show.  Speaking of last week, Holy Christmas was it packed in there.  As such, another big thanks to everyone who came to hang out and get their chuckle on.  Nice work, team.  This week we have another fiery beast of show that’s freshly unleashed and thirsty for blood.  Not actual blood, just the blood of laughs.  You know, laugh blood.  It’s probably a thing, with science, but either way, relax about it.  Lineup this week:

Adam Burke (TBS Just for Laughs; Wiggle Room)

Kevin White (Bare Knuckle Comedy; Nicest Guys in Town)

Alex Stone (IFC, Gilda’s LaughFest)

Calvin Evans (TBS Just for Laughs; Calvin Evans Show)

Drew Frees (TBS Just for Laughs; Limestone Comedy Fest)

Danny Kallas (TBS Just for Laughs; Comedians You Should Know)

Megan Gailey (TBS Just for Laughs; Naked Sports Live Podcast)

Yep, you’re gonna wanna dig into this show pretty hard, and in a big way.  Doors at 8.  Show at 9.  Super the fun times.  All of the most best friends.  Major sick #EagleFight (Seriously, #UpsideDownEagleFight)