Parlour Car ~ Thursday, August 15th, 2013


Okay everyone, relax.  Summer is not over.  It’s just getting started.  Unless you’re a teacher or student, then it’s much more on the “over” side than the “not over” side.  Regardless, it’ll be warm for like, 3 more months, so stop living your lives based on what “season” it “probably” or may “be” right now, and just enjoy the ride.  The ride on your bike because it’s a beautiful “summer” evening.  Here’s a super cool plan for Thursday that you should jot down, and then carry out:  Leave work, but don’t go home because that’s where sweatpants and Netflix live.  Find a nice rooftop bar, have a couple two tree dranks, maybe a light dinner-sized snack.  Leave around 8:30.  Go to Bar Deville.  Grab a way comfy chair/couch.  Settle in for an amaze show. [END]  Did you just see that?  Man that sounds like a real hoot.  Again, write that down, and don’t fuck this up.  Here’s the lineup this week:

Matty Ryan (Just for Laughs (Chicago); Blackout Diaries)

David Angelo (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; Montreal Just for Laughs)

Kyle Scanlan (Lincoln Lodge; Whiskey Journal)

Davey Helem (Jokes and Notes; Why So Serious?)

Robert Dean (Bridgetown Comedy Fest; Carolines on Broadway)

Puterbaugh Sisters (Entertaining Julia; Medieval Sorceresses)

Mike Sheehan (Mike Sheehan Comedy Hour; Blind Enthusiast)

Yep.  Major nasty lineup.  Get here early for seats, or get here at 9 if you like standing a bunch.  Most of the best friends in the city will be here, including yours, so it’ll be supes dupes fun.  Way awesome cocktails.  The best #EagleFights in the town.