Parlour Car~ Thursday, August 22nd, 2013


Gee wiz, gang. Sometimes it seems like it gets better week after week here at Parlour Car. I guess that’s because it does. So, you know, thanks you guys. You really know how to make comedy show feel supes special, kna’ mean? You don’t? Literally no one tolerates the phrase “supes special”? Comedy shows don’t say “kna’ mean”? You sure? Ok yea, you’re right. You always are. Anyway, you guys, holy moley this week’s primed to be a real hoot. Not only do we have some of our favorite funny pals coming to share their jokes, but three of them are named Mike. You know what they say: Three Mikes make a right. Right? Yea yea yea no one says that either, but whatever. Shut up, you guys. Sorry for the late post this week, but Matty’s in Los Angeles sharing his ha ha’s with the west coast and Kenny is much worse at the internet. Nevertheless, we have a show for you that’s sure to be as nasty as this #eaglefight. Check it:

Kenny DeForest (“Is This Really It?” Podcast, Parlour Car)

Mikey Manker (Album “Beg, Borrow, & Steal”, Wicked Backyard Parties)

Natalie Jose (Shinebox Comedy, Like 7 Awesome Bands)

Mike Wiley (Album “Inconducive To Comedy”, that dude with the interesting beard thing)

Adam Burke (Just For Laughs Chicago, Parlour Car, talking like a Dickens character)

Michael Palascak (The Tonight Show, Comedy Central)

Isn’t that peachy, friends? Yea, we know. Bar Deville. 701 N Damen. Get there early and pop a squat on a comfy couch and sip a way tasty cocktail. Show starts at 9, seats get filled before then. Literally every you’ve ever liked will probably be there so you should probably come laugh and dance about it. At the very least, you don’t want to be a dufus and miss the #eaglefight