Parlour Car ~ Thursday, August 29th, 2013


Look, gang, this week we’re going to skip oogling over how amaze last week was, ok? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it certainly was, but at this point we like to think you trust us enough to know every week at Parlour Car is pretty amaze, you know? We will say this week may be even better because if this nice walkin’ weather out there. You know walkin’ weather? That weather that just makes ya want to go out for a nice stroll? Well, it’s very much that outside these days, so leave the house a little early and head toward Bar DeVille for a top-notch cocktail and plop your rump on to a comfy-ass seat for a fantastic show. We have guests, we have locals, and we ALWAYS have best friends. Oh, and a nasty #eaglefight. Feast those peepers on THIS lineup, y’all:

Jeff Steinbrunner (ChUC, Master of “Nerd Chic”)

Julia Solomon (The Lincoln Lodge, NY-Bound)

Kenny DeForest (“Is This Really It?” podcast, Closeted Bro)

Laura Sanders (Finalist: The Funniest Person in Cincinnati, Featured on

Candy Lawrence (Just For Laughs Chicago, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Pant Suits with Shoulder Pads)

Ahmed Bharoocha (Finalist: Catch a New Rising Star, Top Comic in LA)

Mike Lebovitz (Just For Laughs Montreal, Comedians You Should Know, Fat Slob)

Yea, we know. You’re welcome. See you soon for a fresh bev, a good laugh, and best friends. Bar Deville. 701 N Damen. 9PM start. #eaglefight