Parlour Car ~ Thursday, September 26th 2013


Whoa, guys, hold the phone.   Ok, now hang up on that person.  Now throw your phone in the garbage.  A municipal public garbage can, so there’s no chance you’ll fish it out.  Now go to the Apple store, buy an iPhone 5s, and call me as soon as you try a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  RIGHT?  Now hang up, and go punch your dad straight in his dick.  Hark!  What heavenly chemist?  What divine being?  Indeed, whomever concocted this, this utter ambrosia of Autumnal revelry surely has earned his or her place among the table of immortal prophets governing the ebb and flow of humanity as we know it.  The Sphinx.  The Moai of Easter Island.  Stonehenge.  Lemuria.  Inexplicable feats?  Nay, my lambs.  Merely an example of what can be accomplished when the timeless muse that is the P.S.L. is introduced into any equation.  What’s that?  It’s just coffee with artificially flavored syrup offered seasonally at an international beverage chain?  Oh, ok.  Everyone climb out of your neighbor’s peehole and calm yourself.  Talk about something else.  Like the lineup at Parlour Car this week, which is this:

Adam Burke (Wiggle Room, TBS Just for Laughs)

Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy; Laugh Factory)

Chad Brigs (DK Ediger; Chicago Underground Comedy)

Janelle James (Bridgetown Comedy Fest; visiting from NYC)

Matty Ryan (TBS Just for Laughs; Blackout Diaries)

Danny Kallas (Comedians You Should Know; TBS Just for Laughs)

Special guests?  Yeah, prolly.  Passing around a bottle of Malort?  It’s happened a whole bunch before.  Any way you slice this beast, it’s gonna be a real gas.  As always, the show starts at 9pm, is FREE, and is packed with most of your best friends from your whole life.  Not to mention the best cocktails and illest #eaglefights.