Parlour Car October 10 2013



Hey there you cheeky monkeys,

Another week, another less than timely Parlour Car comedy show post. By now you’ve come to expect a lot of convoluted bull-arkey and periphrastic nonsense about astronauts squirting spray-cheese into the eyes of a three headed god, alongside an exasperating  ramble about winged predators duking it out over a parking space, but it just so happens that tomorrow’s line up is so heart-burstingly amazing that we’re going to forego all that balderdash and get straight the matter at hand. Join us tomorrow for unbridled hilarity from:

  • Martin Morrow (JFL, MARSON, Your Dreams)
  • Derek Sheen (Seattle, and by extension, Washington State)
  • The Puterbaugh Sisters (Entertaining Julia, Wicked)
  • Matteo Lane (New York, New York, It’s a Wonderful Town, The People Ride in A Hole In the Ground, The Bronx Is Up and The Battery’s Down, New York New York, It’s a Wonderful Tooooooooooown!, CYSK)
  • Mike Lebovitz (JFL Montreal, Odd Ball Fest, Commercials Where a Guy Has to Look Confused and Dishevelled)
  • Special Guests and Surprises? Probably!

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, you can at least whet your whistle with some of the the whettest whiskey ever to be whrung from a whatering hole. And as all ways, the show is somehow free. So don’t be a reall dum-dum. Get in on it.