Parlour Car ~ Thursday, October 17th, 2013


Well, it’s thirty hours before the show, so you know what that means…. last minute website update!  We know this is irresponsible and dumb, and every week we vow to not let it happen again.  Alas, the next week presents itself, and we punch the same late card as the previous week.  Whatever, it’s not a library book.  It’s a stand-up comedy show.  Although, speaking of libraries, whoever still hasn’t returned their copies of Beowulf and The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the West Town Library, please stop being a dick.  We’re falling behind in our Fixed-Gear/Freegan Bookclub; this month’s assignment was to read both books simultaneously, while knitting.  The punishment for failing to read the books is making toothbrushes out of bark and old potato sacks for everyone in the group.  Not cool.  Yet again, this post got away from us.  Sorry.  Lineup this week:

Dan Friesen (Nicest Guys in Town; Friesen Point Podcast)

Tyson K (Your Monday’s Best; iO)

Marina Shifrin (Best quitting work viral video ever, visitng from NYC)

Katie McVay (Chicago Underground Comedy; Yell You Better Webseries)

Chris Condren (Montreal Just for Laughs; Your Monday’s Best)

Kristen Toomey (Hoo Ha Comedy)

Bill Cruz (Lincoln Lodge; Chicago Underground Comedy)

Adam Burke (TBS Just for Laughs, Wiggle Room)

Ok, so it’s a super late post, AND we booked more comics than usual.  That means it’s gonna be a mega-jam.  Show is way free.  Starts at 9pm.  Let’s do this together as a family.