Parlour Car ~ Thursday, October 24th, 2013


Listen, relax.  Just because this is another 29 hour pre-post doesn’t mean there almost wasn’t a show.  There most definitely was always never not almost a show tomorrow.  We just play it real fast n’ loose over here.  Keeps up sharp.  On our toes.  This week’s show, you guys, sweet Christ is it a zinger.  As always we have some of our absolute favorites pals in the city, as well as a possible very special, very secret guest who’s super great.  Maybe even two special guests.  Honestly, at the end of the day, all of our guests are special, some just live a lot farther away.  Anybutts, peep this week’s hot hot lineup:

Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy; Laugh Factory)

Tim Barnes (The Whiskey Journal; Double Feature)

David Drake (The Sidebar Show; Three Dead Moose)

Katie McVay (Chicago Underground Comedy; Yell You Better)

Charlie Bury (Lincoln Lodge; Europe)

Candy Lawrence (TBS Just for Laughs; Bridgetown Comedy Festival)

Matty Ryan (TBS Just for Laughs; Blackout Diaries)

Plus special guest(s)?  Yes.  Correct.  Is that too many comics?  Maybe, but prolly not.  Come check it out for yourself.  You shan’t regret it.  Show starts at 9pm, and is super duper FREE.  Dig into it real hard in a big way.