Parlour Car ~ Thursday, November 7th, 2013


Listen, friends.  No time for small talk today.  Thanks again to Hannibal Buress for closing out the show last week, and thanks to everyone who packed the place for our Halloween edition.  AND for sticking around after to watch Liza’s television debut.  Real great night.  Know what else is great?  Tonight’s show.  You’re gonna wanna get some.  Peep:

Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy)

Evan Davis (In from NYC)

Natalie Jose (Shinebox Comedy)

Eric Monical (Bridgetown Comedy Fest)

Cameron Gillette (Will finish your cold soup)

Julia Prescott (VICE, in town from LA)

Chad Briggs (Chicago Underground Comedy)

Hot show.  Best friends.  Don’t take a shit in our friendship by not coming to this.  FREE.  Doors at 8.  Show at 9.

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