Parlour Car ~ Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Hey, what’s buzzin’ cousins? Here’s hoping you all had a sufficiently gluttonous time with your respective families, and now having dispensed with all the familial bosomry are now prepared to once more take up the mantle of serious boozin’ and guffawing. Here at Parlour Car we’re back to what we do best, and have assembled a fine, fine line of hilarious types along with which to ply yourself with some of the finest spiritous liquors known to man. On this week’s menu are:

  • Matty Ryan (TBS Just for Laughs)
  • Jeff Steinbrenner (Chicago Underground Comedy)
  • Alex Stone (Laugh Factory)
  • Stephanie Hasz (Shinebox Comedy)
  • Jonah Jurkens (Sidebar Show)
  • Saurin Choksi (Comedy Bar, Sidebar Show)
  • CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central, Chicago Underground Comedy)

Plus special  guests and who knows what else. So don’t be a grump, get your arse down to Bar Deville, silly.