Parlour Car ~ Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


We did it guys. We survived the laughable debacle that was 2013, and shuffled our unkempt carcasses blinking into the harsh light of the awful, year-long shit show that we, in a fit of wild creativity, have decided to call 2014. You’ve all taken a long hard look at the misbegotten shambles that is your existence, and you’ve decided to make some changes. “What am I doing,” you ask yourselves, “Wandering around, pursuing goals, developing skills, forming meaningful relationships, and all the time neglecting the opportunity to see live comedy.” Well, fear not, friends,we’re here to help. We’ll help you usher in a new and exciting phase of you life by once again offering you the opportunity to see top notch comedy while drenching yourself in booze and old timey ambience. Get your arse down to Bar Deville this Thursday for the opportunity to see the following roster of inspiring world beaters:


Andrew Tavin (NYC)

Michael Larimer (Laugh Factory)

Mick Betancourt (LA)

Adam Burke (JFL)

Megan Gailey (Naked Sports Live)

Sean Flannery (Blackout Diaries)


All this marvelousness plus the usual surprises and special guests. Come let us help you quash your resolutions and get your life back on track.