Parlour Car ~ Thursday, January 23rd, 2014


Alright Polar Vortex alarmists.  Take it ease.  Yes, it’s super duper nasty-style cold.  Yes, our Earth is probably broken by our own hand.  No, this is not an excuse to reside in a fort made of sweatpants and Netflix while eating bare handfuls of hot meats in order to maintain warmth and reproductive fertility.  This is especially true for native Chicagoans.  In January of 1994 it was -55 degrees with the windchill.  Way worse.  People figured it out.  Take advantage of the glacial environment.  When life gives you frozen lemons, pretend they’re delicious, sour, bulbous popsicles.   Build an igloo in your backyard.  Make an ice sculpture.  Boil whiskey and funnel it into your head.  Then tuck your adult pants into your grownup boots and head to Bar DeVille for this week’s Arctic edition of Parlour Car.  Lineup this week:

Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago, Blackout Diaries)

Jonah Jurkens (Sidebar Show; Blind Bet)

Justin Golak (Visiting from Columbus)

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Shinebox Comedy)

Michael Palascak (Comedy Central; Leno; Letterman)

CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central; Visitor’s Locker Room)

Special Guest?  (Yes)

Real sweet times, friends.  Plus the major cozy back room is perfect for this weather.  Comfy couches, faux fire place that actually emits heat, regular central heating system, whiskey drinks, all the best friends ever in the world.  Doors at 8.  Show at 9.