One Year Anniversary Show

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

eagle bear pc

Well friends, it’s been a year.  A major fun year of hijinks and horsing around.  To celebrate, we’re throwing a real humdinger of a show/party.  (Editor’s note:  it’s a show/party.  Not a sharty, which is presumably a way, way different kind of gathering). Everyone’s invited, except for that one creepy work-friend of yours.  Not him.  But yeah, everyone else.  To help ensure that this night will be super-the-best, we decided to put together a lineup of our favorite hilarious pals, of which there are many.  And while we couldn’t book everyone, lest it be a two day sleepover show, we did whip up a seriously fun roster that’s borderline ridiculous.  Beast feast:

Adam Burke (Wiggle Room, JFL Chicago)
The Puterbaugh Sisters (SF Sketchfest, JFL Chi)
Liza Treyger (Comedy Central, RIOT LA)
Mike Lebovitz (CYSK, JFL Montreal)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi, Blackout Diaries)
Jeff Steinbrunner (ChUC, Laugh Factory)
Danny Kallas (CYSK, JFL Chi)
Brian Babylon (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me; Vocalo)
Megan Gailey (JFL Chi, Naked Sports Live)
Marty DeRosa (CYSK, Wrestling with Depression)
Candy Lawrence (JFL Chi, ChUC)
Chad Briggs (ChUC, DK Ediger)
Bill Cruz (Lincoln Lodge, ChUC)
Nick Rouley (Freak Happening, RPM)
Natalie Jose (Shinebox Comedy, Weepin’ Willows)
Martin Morrow (Farty Marty, Lincoln Lodge)
Chris Condren (JFL Montreal, Your Monday’s Best)
Special Guest

Honestly, that lineup is straight-up gross.  If you’ve gotten this far and are not sold, you are likely the aforementioned work-friend that no one even wants there anyway.  Stop eating all of our Lean Cuisines, [probably] Karl.

FREE            DOORS: 8pm            SHOW: 9pm              BEST FRIENDS:  for sure