Parlour Car ~ Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Hokkaido, Japan

“Are the website updates always super duper late?”  – You, just now, probably.

“Yes.” – Us, just now, for sure.

So yeah, sorry about that.  At any given time we have a lot of balls in the air,  lot of  irons in the fire.  It may seem easy to keep balls in the air while making sure your fire irons are seriously hot enough to do that thing people do with crazy hot irons, but it’s not.  It’s not easy.  If an iron cools off or a ball falls out of the air, then we have start over again.  Wanna know what else is red fire iron hot?  (Sorry) This week’s lineup.  (Again, sorry for the red hot thing).  For real though, check this lineup:

Adam Burke (JFL Chicago, Wiggle Room)

Jeff Arcuri (This Week’s Show; Laugh Factory)

Kyle Scanlan (Whiskey Journal; Lincoln Lodge)

Saurin Choksi (Lincoln Lodge; Laugh Factory)

Kristen Clifford (JFL Chicago; 100 Proof Comedy)

Davey Boy Helem (JFL Chicago; Thank You Very Much)

Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago, Blackout Diaries)

Chad Briggs (Chicago Underground Comedy; Sundance)

Super good times, awesome lineup, blahhhhhhhhh.  We never put on a bad show, just trust us and come have fun.  Have a couple Old Fashioneds made by Jason or Rocky.  They’re the bee’s pajamas.

Doors:     8pm                           Show: 9pm                         Best friendship:  200%