Parlour Car – 2/20/14

Parlour Car –  February 20th, 2014Image

Hey there Buckaroos. Yes the winter continues to beat us down with slush, sleet, snow, and some malevolent combination of all three but little do they know we’re made of sterner stuff. Certainly the folks At Parlour Car which is why we’ll be back tomorrow night with our regularly scheduled mishmosh of hilarity, hooch, and hospitality. Get your parkas on and shuffle on by to see this fine roster of heroes:

  • Jeff Steinbrenner
  • Alex Stone
  • Drew Frees
  • Casey Ley (in from San Fran!)
  • Rebecca O’Neal
  • Kelsie Huff
  • Danny Kallas
  • Saurin Choksi

If that looks like an extra stacked line up that’s ‘cos it is; lovingly tiered like some impossible lasagna. What’s that? Wondering if there’ll be special guests and surprises? There just might be, my friends.