Parlour Car ~ February 27th, 2014



Hey there lovely people. Once again, the good people at Parlour Car have toiled long and hard over a hot facebook to ensure you another fine feast of entertainment on a Thursday. As always, we’re gonna do it that way we do, with a hilarious, rollicking roster of Chicago comedy heroes, alongside a fine assortment of boozes and liquors. Oscillating your chuckle button this week:

  • Adam Burke (Wiggle Room)
  • Mikey Manker (Comedy Bar)
  • Drew Frees (Laugh Factory)
  • Natalie Jose (Shine Box)
  • Mike Wiley (Make Yourself @ Home)
  • Chris Redd (Second City)
  • Marty DeRosa (CYSK, Wrestling with Depression)

Will there be special guests and exciting treats? Only one way to find out, heroes!