Parlour Car ~ March 6th, 2014


Okay so we’re not sure what happened on Groundhog Day, but sweet holy Jesus.  Did that groundhog go back in his hole and die?  Does this mean perpetual winter?  There’s no scientific way to tell.  Not even with science.  The ball is in the groundhog’s court now, and those dudes are super bad at sports.  Now we wait until they figure it out; learn a four-corner offense, maybe a zone defense, and then finally usher in springtime .  To take your mind off  groundhogs learning basketball, check the show this week.  Super baller lineup:

Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago; Blackout Diaries)

Tyson K (iO; Blind Bet Show)

Jordan Holmes (All the way from the ‘burbs)

Ali Clayton (JFL Chicago; What Am I Looking At?)

Mike Sheehan (CYSK; Schlarvin’ Dode)

Junior Stopka (Comedy Central; full-on murderer)

Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; Never Been to Paris; Blackout Diaries)

Special Guests?  Maybs.  (Probs).  So yeah, throw on some boots, don your mittens and hit this show.  We’ll all drink whiskey until we’re sweating and forget it’s cold out.

Doors: 8pm.             Show: 9pm.               Best Friends: All night long.