Parlour Car ~ March 27th, 2014


Listen up pals, no time for chatting and playing grab-ass this week.  Let’s just cut right to the chase:

Weather: nice
Cocktails: super good
This show: always major awesome
Best friends: here in droves

Got it?  Perf.  Now peep the lineup this week:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)

Adam Burke (JFL Chicago; Wiggle Room)

Calvin Evans (JFL Chicago; Blind Bet Show)

Tony Sam (Visiting from LA; SF Sketchfest; Bridgetown)

Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago; Blackout Diaries)

Mo Alexander (Visiting from Memphis; Comedy Central; BET)

Prescott Tolk (Visiting from LA; Comedy Central; Bob & Tom)

Special guest?  (Probz, right?)

Did you see that?  Right there?  That’s another spice-rack of a lineup.  Come get at it and we’ll all have the best time, big time.  Cool?  Show is free like always and starts at 9 like always.  Get there a little before if you like sitting in seats.