Parlour Car ~ April 3 2013


Hey you Spring chickens, your frolicking lambs you; it looks like we’re almost done shaking Old Man’s hoary nasty fingers off our backs which means there is not excuse to crawl out of that hell hole you crawl an apartment and come smear some quality comedy good times all over your ever-loving kisser. As usual at Parlour Car we’ve assembled a top notch coterie of hilarious chaps and chapettes all designed for you to raise your arms up to Helios and celebrate the world not being a big old pain basket. Tonight’s April shower includes:

  • Adam Burke (Parlour Car producer)
  • Rebecca O’Neal (Congrats on Your Success)
  • Tim Barnes (It’s All True podcast)
  • Timmy Brochu (Upcoming Album: Xanadu)
  • Chad Briggs (Chicago Underground Comedy)
  • Paul Thomas (SketchFest)
  • Mike Lebovitz (Montreal Just for Laughs)

All this and a cavalcade of choice beverages served up by our resident magical barkeeps should make for one helluva night. Don’t be a fool to yourself and snag yourself a seat upfront. Cheers!