Parlour Car ~ April 17th, 2014


No time for horsin’ around here, swell pals, so to the chase we shall cut.  It’s a silly awesome show this week.  We’ve got guests from all over the East Coast, including one of the founding members of Parlour Car.  We’ve got a birthday boy.  We’ve got a friend that’s about to leave us for NYC.  And we’ve got a couple of our all-time favorites.  All their names will be listed below, immediately following this sentence.

Matty Ryan (JFL CHI; Blackout Diaries)
CJ Sullivan (JFL CHI; Comedy Central)
Liza Treyger (Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately)
Drew Frees (JFL CHI; Laugh Factory)
Kenny DeForest (Back from NYC; Parlour Car co-founder)
David Drake (Sidebar Show; Birthday Boy!)
Phil Davidson (Visiting from Vermont)
Al Park (Visiting from Boston, Boston Comedy Festival)

Pretty nasty pants, right?   Ok word.  Come peep this dish in a big way.  The show is FREE.  The show starts at 9PM.  The show will have the largest collection of best friends in North America.  Bring your best pals or get out of here.