Parlour Car ~ April 24th, 2014


Does anyone even read these mindless, unhinged ramblings that are finger-dumped out every week?  It would make the most sense if everyone answered with a resounding “no,” as these short essays of insanity do little to benefit anyone.  Especially those who are merely trying to see what the lineup is for the show.  Also, “finger-dumped” is a word we just made up, and you can use it however you want, whenever you want; society already has enough rules.  Make your own.  Lineup this week:

Adam Burke (JFL Chi; Wiggle Room)
Shea Spillane (Visiting from Boston; Boston Globe’s Comics to Watch)
Lem Slaughter (JFL Chi; Jokes and Notes)
Marlena Rodriguez (Second City; Double Feature)
Jeremy Essig (Visiting from NYC; Bob & Tom Show)
Megan Gailey (JFL Chi; Laugh Factory)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries)
Renee Gauthier (Visiting from LA; Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately)

Extra jam-packed lineup this week, which means extra jam-packed-super-the-best-fun-times.

The show is at 9pm and the show is FREE.  It will be swarmed with best friends so make sure to bring yours because not seeing your best friend is how you lose your best friend.  Bring ’em.