Parlour Car ~ May 1st, 2014


You read that right, friends.  May 1st.  NOT April 31st.  There actually shouldn’t be any months with 31 days, rather just 29 and 30 days since modern society adopted the Babylonian calendar which utilized a sexagesimal system and used to feature 360 days in a year.  Also, July and August shouldn’t technically exist either, but the Roman senate threw those in there before Jesus showed up to the party.  Look, things are weird.  Months are weird.  Years are weird. People are weird.  Shows are weird.  Peep the lineup for this weird show:

Jeff Steinbrunner (ChUC; Laugh Factory)
Mike Bobrinskoy (Flock Yourself)
Jaime DeLeon (Pilsen Stand Up; Laugh Factory)
Trenton Davis (Visiting from LA; Seattle Comedy Festival)
Adam Burke (JFL Chi; Wiggle Room)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Comedy Exposition)
Sean Flannery (Comedy Central; JFL Montreal; Bridgetown)

This is going to be the best time. Grab a calendar and a best friend or three, and let’s partytime this beast. Show: 9pm. Best friends: To the moon and back.