Parlour Car ~ May 15th, 2014


Friends, whoa. This week’s show is way fun. The majority of the comedians are out-of-towners, including a couple people that are out-of-the-country-ers.  That means they don’t live in the U.S., so it’s real cool that they’re stopping by the show.  Come support the global economy of performing artists by attending this free comedy show.   Peep: Lineup:

Jeff Steinbrunner (CYSK; Chicago Underground Comedy)
Alex Kumin (Lincoln Lodge)
Matt Monroe (In from Denver; Propaganda! Show)
Justin Golak (In from Columbus, OH)
Cynthia Levin (In from London; Comedy Central)
Megan Gailey (JFL Chicago; Laugh Factory)
Stephen Carlin (In from Scotland; Comedy Central UK)

Right? Don’t shit this up for yourself by not coming. We might break the best friends record this week. Show: 9pm. Best friends: As long as the day is bright. Only not as bright.