Parlour Car ~ May 22nd, 2014


Hey friends.  Yet again, this week’s show features mostly out-of-towners, which is going to be a super duper blast.  One of them barely counts as an outta towner, as he used to live here.  He had to move when his pony tail got too big for this one-horse town and the City Council said “no more.”  Anyway, he’s back, and he’s a good pal, and so is everyone else on the show.  Good, fun, nice, funny pals from around the city and country.  You’re gonna wanna get over here and get into it.  Peep this lineup:

Adam Burke (JFL Chi; Dave Chappelle’s Oddball Fest)
Sean White (Stand Up Stand Up; Cold News)
Lane Pieschel (Visiting from NYC; Pony Tail Haver)
Janelle James (Visiting from NYC; Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Andrew Healen (Visiting from New Orleans)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chi; Blackout Diaries)
Dave Ross (Visiting from LA; Terrified Pod; WOMEN)

Go back and read that lineup again, just so you remember it in case you don’t go. That way you’ll be consciously making a terrible mistake and feel real guilty. Bring your best friends and let’s have a time.
FREE.    9pm.     Best friends only and always.