Parlour Car ~ May 29th, 2014


Procrastination is the best and the worst.  Let’s all agree on that, and then let’s take a look at the lineup for this week. We’ve got a couple friends in from outta town, and it’s going to be a major cool and way fun time.  You should go and bring pals.  Lineup peep:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Bridgetown)
Kyle Scanlan (Whiskey Journal; Lincoln Lodge)
David Drake (Blind Bet Show; Youth Camp Counselor)
Sonia Denis (Congrats on Your Success; Cole’s Mic)
Andy Sell (Visiting from LA; People We Know Pod)
Ramon Rivas II (Visiting from Cleveland; Chucklefck)
Marty DeRosa (CYSK; Wrestling With Depression)

Maybe a special guest, but also maybe not. Trust us, it’s gonna be a real super hot hot situation thing.  Facetime your best friends so they see how serious you are when you invite them to this show.
Free.          9pm.           Bestest friends’ party in the Hemisphere.