Parlour Car ~ June 12th, 2014

parlouroo Hey there, sugar bear. Had a rough week? Well what do you know, so did we. Sometimes there’s those weeks where Lady Luck not only kicks you in the nuts, but also files a successful paternity suit against you right at the same time when her mean old uncle, Samuel Blythe Rutherford Luck III instructs his bank to foreclose on your newly acquired hovel. And then Brazil beats Croatia 3-1 in the World Cup opener. What to do when one finds oneself at such an existential impasse? Well here’s a suggestion, quit moping around the house and get yer arse down to Bar Deville, where our felicitous mixologists and impish laff-mongers will do their best to to unburden the flea-bitten donkey of despair from your weary shoulders. Comedian line up will include:

  • Trey Brown
  • Adam Kroshus
  • Jesse Baltes
  • Drew Michael
  • Adam Burke

…and a host of other special guests who’ll help you drink and larf your misery away. As always, it’s totally free, and awesome.