Parlour Car ~ June 19th, 2014

Aye there gang.  We’ve got another sweet-hot show coming down the pike.  When we say “sweet-hot” we mean it’s like a honey-sriracha aioli, but without the mayonnaise-y component.  And when we say “pike” we mean it’s like, you know, a pike.  Like a spike, but without the “S”, and things come down it.  Look, forget about the pike thing and just focus on how sweet this hot show is going to be.  Peep this lineup.  Page your pals.  Penjoy.

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets;  Bridgetown Comedy Fest)
Adam Burke (JFL CHI;  Funny or Die’s Oddball Fest)
Chelsea Hood (Visiting from NYC via CHI)
Collin Bullock (Awkward Moments Pod)
Tommy McNamara (Road 2 Oddball Winner;  Probably Lincoln Lodge, right?)
Jonah Jurkens (Blind Bet Show;  Sidebar Show)
CJ Toledano (Visiting from LA;  Writer for Fallon;   E!)

Right then.  Now you see what all that “sweet hot” business was about.  Go get dinner with your best friends, and then all come to the show.   Free.   9pm.   BFN (Best Friends Nation).