Parlour Car ~ July 10th, 2014


Ok friends, let’s make one thing perfectly clear right up front:  this week’s show is going to knock the goddamn pants off your stupid legs.  Furthermore, this whole weekend is going to be amazing for comedy in Chicago, as the inaugural Comedy Exposition is taking place Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It features some of the best up-and-coming comedians in the country, alongside some seriously big names.  Look it up, educate yourself, we can’t do your homework for you.  What we CAN do, is put together a major fun-times “marathon style” lineup of some of the comedians who are getting in town a day early.  We won’t spoil any surprises, but just know that all the comics on this show are fantastic, they’re good pals, and they’re way fun.  And there’s gonna be like, 10-15 of them.  Whoa.

Show starts at 9pm.  It’s free.  It’s at Bar DeVille.  It’s a super time.  It shall have all the best friends ever in the world.  Call yours and let’s party.