Parlour Car ~ July 17th, 2014


You guys.  Whoa.  Let us start by saying that we are incredibly honored to be named by Chicago Magazine as the Best Standup Showcase in Chicago.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Chicago Magazine, Jason Heidemann, all the comedians who have come through, and our super rad audience that continues to make this a place where people love to perform.  You guys are all the super-awesome-best-raddest dudes and lady dudes in the world.  How about we keep this going and have yet another sweet, sweet show tonight?  Yeah?  Deal.  Peep this lineup of almost exclusively out-of-town pals:

Matty Ryan (Blackout Diaries; JFL Chi)
Brendan McGowan (In from LA; former Chicago Underground member)
Mo Welch (In from LA; The Mo Show; Larry Bird)
Brock Wilbur (In from LA; Crime Travel)
Brandie Posey (In from LA; Lady to Lady Pod; Picture This!)
Brian Parise (In from NYC; JFL Montreal)
Secret special guest. (In from LA)

Come pretend that you’re in Los Angeles for the night (and New York for 12 minutes or so) by getting at this show in a big way.  It’ll be fun.  Like always.  Free.  9pm.  All of the best friend groups in Chicago.