Parlour Car ~ July 24th, 2014


What’s that?  We’re super late with the website update?  That’s weird.  Anyway, since we are so late again, let’s just cut the shite and get right into this stellar lineup for this week.  Oh, did we mention Chicago Magazine just named us the best standup showcase in Chicago?  We did?  Just last week?  Ok, well, we’ll probably do that a few more times.  Peep this week’s lineup:

Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Secrets; Comedy Exposition)
Jeff Scheen (This Week’s Show)
Lara Beitz (Hoo Ha Comedy)
Sherman Edwards (Second City)
Jeff Steinbrunner (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Candy Lawrence (Chicago Underground Comedy; Show Pony!)
CJ Sullivan (Comedy Central; Chicago Underground Comedy)
Sean Patton (Comedy Central; Conan; Maron; Best Bars in America)

Yep.  Super rad-dog lineup, just like always.  Snapchat your best friends and let’s get all of our best friends in one room together.  Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  Seven-thousand best friends.