Parlour Car ~ July 31st, 2014



Hey there larrikins and larrikettes, why so glum? Summer slipping away from you? The God Helios failing to make good on his promise of sunbaked beach days next to a boiling lake of meat effluent? Well quit your bawling,  you’re diluting the barbecue sauce, and redirect your energies to a form of entertainment that’s more reliable than the capricious whims of some astral despot. Which is to say this Thursday it’s Parlour Car and as always we’re going to have a stellar line up of rambunctious yuksters from both near and far to warm your soul the way Chicago’s July has steadfastly refused to do. 

  • Jeff Steinbrunner (Comedians You Should KNow)
  • Zach Peterson (Comedy Expo)
  • Mat Alano-Martin (Limestone Comedy Festival)
  • Natalie Jose (Laugh Factory, Weepin’ Willows)
  • Katie McVay (Yell You Better)
  • Adam Burke (The Steerage Section of the Titanic)
  • Danny Kallas (The Comedian You Should Know the Most)

Plus our usual selection of surprise guests, diamond pals, and a never-ending onslaught of the choicest sazeracs and sasparillas to slake the thirst of the booziest Bozos around. It’s 9PM, it’s free, and it’s our pleasure.