Parlour Car ~ August 21st, 2014


Hey you sexy gang of sexies, we’re gonna keep our preamble short this week, as we’re sure you’re busy careening around lapping up those last few precious drops of summer and generally being the swell little bon vivant and gadabout you are. Well, while you’re at it make sure you don’t miss your regular appointment at Parlour Car, where this week we have our usual assortment of intoxicating beverages, as well as hilarious sets from this bunch of tasty kids:

Jeff Steinbrunner (CYSK)
Sean White (BEEF!)
Paul Thomas (Chicago Underground Comedy)
Joe Kwaczala (Late Live Show)
Drew Frees (Comedy Bar)
Rebecca O’Neal (Congrats on Your Success)
Adam Burke (Parlour Car, ChUC)

Will there be special guests and last minute surprises? Probably! You know us. So make sure you shamble on over here ramblers, and let’s make it a night to remember!