Parlour Car ~ August 28th, 2014


Okay guys this post is hella late but tonight’s show is hella packed so let’s cut to the chase and let you know exactly what hilarious folks are going to be on tonight’s show (including super duper surprise special guests):

Dan Friesen (Twistin’ Up)
Justin Golak (Shit Creek)
Cody Melcher (Tome Foolery)
Casey Ley (In from SF!)
Erica Clark (Jokes ‘n’ Notes)
Ali Clayton (Just for Laughs)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Expo)
Kenny DeForest (Parlour Car Founder!)
Ari Shaffir (Comedy Central)


All that plus top quality boozes, good buddies, and an all round spanking good time. You would be a fool to miss it, and your momma didn’t raise no fool, did she? Oh, and all this shit is FREE, too!