Parlour Car ~ September 4th, 2014


Hey guys; don’t be some “creep” who spends all their time “chasin’ waterfalls”; we “ain’t too proud to beg” you to “scrub” up real nice and come to our amazing Parlour Car comedy show this Thursday. And seeing as that’s all the TLC songs we know, we’re going to go right ahead and let you know what amazing and hilarious folks are on the roster for this week:

Tristan Triptow (Laugh Factory)
Danny Palumbo (in from Austin!)
Conor Delahanty (Tuxedo Cat)
Alex Kumin (Cole’s Cabaret)
Odinaka “OD” Ezeokoli (Congrats on Your Success)
Joe Kilgallon (Comedians You Should Know)

Plus special guests? You betcha. But the most special guest of all will be you, especially after you pour sweet, sweet boozes down your screech, and you know we’ve got you covered on that. And once again and as always, it’s 9PM, it’s Bar Deville, and it’s totally free!