Parlour Car ~ September 11th, 2014



Hey sweet meats.  Real hot show this week.  We would tell you to calm down, but you shouldn’t.   No.  Indeed this week’s lineup is cause for a tizzy, and as long as you’re able to maintain control of your motor functions, we should all be okay.  This week we’ve got some pals in from around the country, in addition to some Chicago faves, and a sneaky special guest from the moving picture box.   Peep this lineup:

Christie Buchele (In from Denver)
Dave Helem (Thank You Very Much; Stand Up Stand Up)
Scott Boxenbaum (In from LA)
Ramon Rivas II (In from Cleveland, Chucklefck)
Chris Redd (Second City; NBC; Back from LA)
Danny Kallas (Comedians You Should Know)
Special Guest (NYC; Television)

Will there be a host for this show?  Yes, or else it’d be weird.  Text/Call/Fax/Pigeon your top three best friends and let’s all have a best friends’ time, y’heard?  Perf.

Free.  9pm.  Bar DeVille.  Best Friends Appreciation Society.