Parlour Car ~ September 25th, 2014



What’s that old saying?  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?  What about if you just get rid of all your enemies by making them your friends and then you always keep all your friends extra close?  Then your life will be one giant best friends party and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Right?  Look, we’re not saying Machiavelli was dumb, we’re just trying to say what he should of said, which is “Keep your friends close and tell your enemies to shut up and get in here for a hug.”  Plus, Machiavelli might not have even said it, so who cares, let’s all just be best friends forever.  Lineup this week:

Amy Shanker (Zanies; Laugh Factory)
Tommy Mac (Flock Yourself; Lincoln Lodge)
Ian Abramson (7 Minutes in Purgatory)
Stephanie Hasz (Comedy Expo; Comedy Secrets)
Matty Ryan (JFL Chicago; Blackout Diaries)
Adam Burke (JFL Chicago; Wiggle Room)
Sean Flannery (JFL Montreal; Blackout Diaries)
Mike Lebovitz (JFL Montreal, CYSK)

If you just finished reading the lineup, we trust that you understand how sweet-nasty-pants it truly is.  Call your best friends now and tell them you have the best idea ever.  Then tell them that idea is this show.  Best idea.  Best friends.  Best show.  Let’s go.