Parlour Car ~ October 16th, 2014


Friends, hello.  Hey we’re right–.  No, over here.  Hey just stop.  Okay stop walking.  Now turn around.  No the opposite way from where you were just facing when you stopped walking.  Look to your left.  That’s your right.  Yeah now look left.  See us?  We’re waving our hands in the air.  All of us.  How do you not–?  You do?  Perfect.  We’ll wait right here and then all have the best time ever.  On your way over, peep this way major nast lineup:

Stephanie Hasz (Parlour Car; Chi Comedy Expo; Bridgetown)
Tim Cornett (Accidental Comedy Fest; Cleveland)
Maggie Ednie (The Three Cee’s Show)
Zach Peterson (Arguments & Grievances; Chi Comedy Expo)
Dave Ross (Comedy Central’s Drunk History; TERRIFIED Pod)
Ron Babcock (Comedy Central; HBO; JFL Montreal)
Liza Treyger (Comedy Central; Chelsea Lately; JFL Montreal)
Sneaky Special Guest? (Yes)
Sneaky Special Guest? (Yes)

Honestly though, prolly just get over here.  Text threefourfive of your best friends and let’s all make a thing of this.  Like a super cool best friends thing.  Cool?  Perf.  Bar DeVille.  9pm.  Free.  BFO*

*Best Friends Only